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Your strategy for taking distributions (withdrawals) from your retirement plan can be as important as how much you deposit and how it's invested This video explains the factors to consider as you develop your plan.

This video describes the reasons an employer should consider offering the Roth 401(k) options, including its attractiveness as an employee benefit and its value to high-income and younger employees.

One time-honored way of defraying some of the risk inherent in investing is diversification. By not keeping all your eggs in one basket, you can often achieve a measure of protection from losing all your money on a single investment asset category.

Saving just a small bit more for retirement for as long as possible can make a significant difference in the size of your retirement nest egg—just adding 1% over the long term can mean thousands of extra dollars. View the tutorial to see how it works.

A major aspect of investment risk is volatility—how much and how often the value of an investment changes. This tutorial explore the role of volatility and time in portfolio to understand their impact.

Asset allocation is a powerful investment concept, but it's not a "one and done" task. Your goals or risk tolerance may change due to your personal circumstances or your portfolio investments may perform better or worse than expected. This tutorial explains the need to rebalance your portfolio on a regular basis.

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