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Aspire is committed to providing resources and learning tools that support participants, plan sponsors, advisors and TPAs in all aspects of the retirement plan management process. Learn more about the basics of retirement plans and key investment strategies with Aspire's tutorial library. 

Asset Allocation: A Strategy for Life

This tutorial acquaints — or reacquaints — investors with the crucial concept of asset allocation, which is the term used to describe a portfolio’s strategic mix of investments. The lesson describes the role of stocks, bonds, and cash in an asset allocation; how to identify and calculate your financial goals; how to gauge your risk tolerance; and how to manage your asset allocation over time. It also includes sample allocations for conservative, moderate, and aggressive investors.

Retirement Plan Rollover Options

What you choose to do with the money from your employer-sponsored retirement plan could have a significant impact on your ability to meet your long-term financial goals. Targeted at retirees and job changers, this tutorial carefully weighs the merits of each option—leaving the money in the plan, cashing out, opening a rollover IRA, etc.—to help you make the best selection for your assets.

Make the Most of Your Retirement Plan

This tutorial seeks to educate current and prospective plan participants on 401(k)s and other company-sponsored retirement plans. The module covers how to determine how much you will need in retirement; features of company sponsored retirement plans; tax benefits of such plans; and employer matching. It then goes on to coach users on choosing investments within their plans; how different asset allocations suit different needs; and how to gauge one’s risk-tolerance level.

Investing in Retirement

This tutorial examines the risks, strategies and other unique considerations of investors who are in or nearing retirement.

Understanding Mutual Funds

In recent years, mutual funds have become the investment of choice for millions of Americans. If you are still mystified by these vehicles, learn how they work, how they are managed, and how they can fit into your financial plan.

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