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Solutions for TPA’s

Smart Retirement Solutions for TPAs

Aspire is 100% dedicated to the success of our TPA partners. Our TPA retirement options put our partners front and center in a position of control—with the ability to let you make the choices that can grow your business the way you want…the way that works best for you and your clients. Our solutions for TPA's don't dictate the investments in your plan design—you do.   

Our business model complements the TPA model, providing you with a choice of flexible plan design, over 25,000 investment options, comprehensive data access, and the industry’s largest network of over 200 TPAs—and growing every day. Aspire values the relationships we have with our TPAs and we understand that you are our link to participants and plan sponsors.

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12 Value-Driven Reasons Why TPAs Choose to Partner with Aspire

  1. Aspire is the right provider—we do not compete
  2. Next-generation TPA Partnership program—solutions to expand your revenue streams
  3. Flexible investment landscape—no compromises for plans when building the very best offering
  4. Proprietary enabling technology—conflict-free open architecture provides choices  
  5. Technology, communications and recordkeeping capabilities—complete online access to plan management functions and reporting
  6. End-to-end scalability—expands to meet TPA needs and adjusts to meet growing needs of clients
  1. Single-threaded service model—one point of contact for consistent and superior client experience
  2. Competitive, flat-dollar transparent pricing—full disclosure and same fee for each participant
  3. Private-label branding options—feature your company brand, your advisor partners or your clients
  4. Collaboration—flexibility offers endless solutions and opportunities to promote your business
  5. Sales and support—industry’s only business intelligence portal—InvestDesign Center assists in growing business
  6. Your partner your way today and beyond—you make the choices and we support your business

Technology, Communications and Recordkeeping Capabilities

A commitment to technology and service is just one of the ways that Aspire makes it easier for TPAs to attract and retain clients. Aspire ensures that TPAs have complete online access to plan management functions that streamline operations and administrative tasks. TPAs are able to view summary plan balances across all plans on the system. Plus the system allows TPAs to view a plan from the plan sponsor and participant perspectives.

Aspire’s recordkeeping system is built to give TPAs complete control that allows you to build processes and workflows to fit your business, not ours. InvestLink's built-in message system enables correspondence among all users defined within the plan, including TPAs, advisors, plan sponsors and participants. Aspire is the next-generation TPA partner working together with our TPA partners to create smart TPA retirement solutions.   

TPA retirement options

Conflict-Free Open Architecture

Aspire’s open-architecture proprietary platform—InvestLink—links to over 25,000 investment options including ETFs, collective trusts, stable value funds and any share class of mutual funds. We work with five different custodians allowing us to offer truly unlimited choice in investments.Aspire's solutions for TPA's means no compromises for you or your client when building the very best investment offering for their plan. InvestLink is a conflict-free solution because:

  • Aspire does not have proprietary investments

  • Aspire does not require the use of any particular investment option

  • Our pricing is independent of the investments used

This open investment platform is available for all plan types [401(k), 403(b), 457, Defined Benefit, SEP, SIMPLE, IRA and MEP] and all plan sizes. Working with Aspire can expand your revenue streams in new directions through connectivity with multiple packaged 3(38) fiduciary providers, packaged Aspire solutions and into underserved markets such as 403(b) and Solo(k).

Education and Training for Effective Results

InvestLink is highly automated and powerful, yet easy to interact with and use. Our comprehensive on-boarding training program ensures that advisors, plan sponsors and TPAs have all the information needed for plan set-up, management and maintenance. As a proprietary system, InvestLink can be configured to fit your needs or the needs of your clients. 

Our online Resource Center provides access to printed and digital materials, including enrollment guides, personalized rate of return reports, articles and tutorials on a variety of retirement topics, calculators, access to market research and commentary, FAQs and glossaries. We offer regularly scheduled comprehensive administrator training on the system, allowing you and your clients to work effectively and efficiently with Aspire.


Single-Threaded Service Model

Aspire’s number one priority is the service we provide our clients, which means the client comes first, and we are committed to consistently delivering a superior client experience—that’s our single-minded customer service focus. Our single-threaded account management begins on day one of our partnership—when we assign a dedicated team of resources to your client’s plan—fully trained to handle their unique needs and committed to making the partnership a success. We are committed to delivering the industry’s highest-quality service levels. 

  • Professionally trained Retirement Call Center Specialists are available Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET
  • Highly experienced implementation, trading, transfer, distribution, enrollment and relationship management professionals handle all aspects of your plans and your clients’ needs.

Cost-Effective Transparent Pricing

With the participant and plan costs in mind, Aspire offers extremely competitive pricing. Our cost structure has no hidden fees and charges the same low fee for each participant. 

For ERISA plans, Aspire offers flat-dollar pricing. The flat-dollar fee model allows participants to have confidence they are getting the most from their retirement plan savings. Login to the InvestDesign Center to try our Flat-Fee Calculator. 

For non-ERISA plans, Aspire offers a competitive pricing structure. With our program there are no surrender charges (as with variable annuities), as well as a choice of share classes and omnibus account purchasing power to minimize expense ratios.

Revenue Recapture Flexibility

Aspire is committed to delivering a conflict-free solution. All available revenue sharing from a plan's investments are returned to the plan. The plan sponsor can select to use the revenue sharing to:

  • Fund an ERISA spending account or pay plan expenses, or
  • Issue a credit back to the participants at the individual investment level in which each participant receives the revenue share from the investments he or she is actually invested in and not a percentage of the total revenue share returned.

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