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Smart Retirement Solutions for 403(b) Plans

  • Build investment portfolios using over 10,000 investment options
  • Access to the investment portfolio expertise of leading
    money managers and investment strategists
  • Get open investment choice for any size plan

Aspire's complete suite of 403(b) smart retirement solutions feature a web-based Plan Search and Fund Search capabilities. These solutions provide easy, real-time access to all plan details through its proprietary conflict-free open-architecture platform—providing flexibility for advisors and participants; transparent, competitive pricing; and the option to implement private-label branding. Aspire has deep experience in working with educators, school district officials, religious leaders, non-profit professionals and healthcare workers—Aspire knows what these different employer groups are looking for in a retirement plan and offers configurable investment menus based on group type and needs. Aspire delivers smart retirement solutions for all Non-ERISA and ERISA 403(b) plan types.

Smart retirement solutions respond to market needs

Being a leader in the industry means monitoring issues and trends—and knowing how to respond and deliver smart retirement solutions that address market needs and how to grow business within the changing landscape.

Aspire understands how to:

  • Deliver vendor consolidation
  • Address the fiduciary issue of subject standards for broker dealer reps and RIAs
  • Provide effective participant education
  • Drive competitive advantage through cost-effective transparent pricing
Linking people, investments and technology

It’s all done online and on demand. It’s an innovative technology-enabled platform that links the retirement planning community together to deliver smart solutions for any plan type independent of average account balance or plan size—enabling our partners and customers with strong economic value and competitive advantage through a cost-effective transparent pricing structure and fully built operational model.

It’s all done through InvestLink—Aspire’s conflict-free open-investment platform that links to more than 25,000 investment options enabling the ultimate in flexibility and customization for plan design for our TPAs, advisors, plan sponsors and participants for both 403(b) ERISA and Non-ERISA retirement plans. The choice is yours.

Flexible Fund Design

With advisor guidance, participants have the freedom to select any available investment offered, from thousands of investment options including mutual funds, collective trusts and stable value funds. Through Aspire’s Fund Search tool investments can be selected by ticker symbol or fund family. Investment Lookup offers direct access to the latest Morningstar® fund information and the fund prospectus.

Flexible Payment Design

Advisors can work with participants to determine the pay rate and payment method. Compensation can be received as commissions or fee based.

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