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For Plan Sponsors

Streamline administrative processes and maintain flexibility.

The plan sponsor user portal delivers effectiveness, flexibility and streamlined administrative processes that reduce paperwork and the manual processing associated with running a retirement plan, including:

  • Plan provisions review
  • Employee data and eligibility maintenance
  • Process contributions 
  • Plan activity view
  • Forms and reports access

Plan Profile

Plan Investments and Balances

Plan sponsors are able to view a summary of all approved investment options and the overall balances. For easy reference, the available plan investments have built-in informational links to the funds or outside investment service provider information.

Employee Census

The participant module allows the plan sponsor to add or modify data relating to company employee profiles, including contact information, division/department, plan status, eligibility, loan balances and any account activity.

Transaction Processing

Contribution Processing

InvestLink allows authorized user(s) to process regular as well as special contributions, such as transfers/rollovers from outside investment service providers. Contribution payroll information can be uploaded directly into the system or users can key in data via the contribution processing grid. The system will perform automatic validation checking and report any errors or rule violations encountered in the data.

Loan and Distribution Processing

The participant user portal allows participants to request loans and distributions from their account based on the allowable plan provisions. The system dynamically generates customized signature-ready PDF documents for the participant to print, sign and submit for processing. At the plan sponsor portal the processing panel displays a list of pending loan and distribution requests submitted by plan participants. Authorized plan administration user(s) can approve or deny the requests.

Reports and Exports

Plan Reports

Comprehensive reporting is available online in the reports module of the plan sponsor portal. All reports are instantly created and available in multiple formats including: PDF, Excel, Text, TIFF and HTML for printing or archiving. Reports types include:
  • Plan Statement
  • Plan Investments
  • Contribution Summary
  • Deferral Changes Report
  • Summary Participant Statements
  • Participant Investment Elections
  • Participant Balances by Source/Fund
  • Plan Census
  • Active Loans
  • Delinquent Loans
  • Required Minimum Distributions
  • Fee Summary

Plan Exports

In addition to the defined reports, InvestLink exports data in Excel and ASCII formats for importing to other reporting engines. Exports types include:

  • Participant Synoptic Data
  • Export Participant Census
  • Participant Census & Source Activity
  • Participant Statement Extract

Plan Communications

Messaging System

The Aspire platform contains a built-in message system for plan sponsors that allows for correspondence between all users defined within the plan. These include participants, TPA (if applicable) and plan advisor/broker (if applicable). Messages and information can be directed to each user's email address on record.
The message system versatility serves key functions with its ability to send bulletin messages to all participants to keep them up to date with plan notices or a message to a single participant regarding an operational request. The message system also has activity notifications signaling when a participant changes their deferral rate, requests a loan, a distribution or uses the Help Desk within their account. These triggering events automatically send an email to the designated users of the plan sponsor portal to keep them apprised of a participant's administrative request. 

Plan Library

Operational forms and important plan documents can be archived in the Library section of the plan. The plan sponsor has the discretion to allow which documents are posted and available to participants to view and download in the participant user portal. The Library is a convenient and effective system for managing and accessing all of the plan documentation that needs to be widely viewed by disparate parties. 

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