Linking People, Investments and Technology

Only Aspire offers InvestLink—formerly known as RKS. It's a new name and same reliable service for our conflict-free open-architecture platform designed to link people, investments and technology. The platform links all stakeholders through a central communications hub, links to thousands of investments and links to private-label branding options. Each smart retirement solution is tailored to the needs of our customers, participants and plan types. We keep all stakeholders connected by providing a single link to our customers, which links to all other stakeholders who are linked to Aspire.

InvestLink links to over 25,000 investment options including ETFs, collective trusts, stable value funds and mutual funds. The entry point into the InvestLink system is through one of five user portals:

  • TPA User Portal delivers total online access to plan management
  • Advisor User Portal allows online access for all account management functions
  • Broker Dealer User Portal provides oversight of advisors and their accounts
  • Plan Sponsor User Portal affords the flexibility to streamline administrative processes
  • Participant User Portal gives powerful access for individuals to manage their retirement accounts

The user portals are customized according to customer brand identity, linking users to manage plan-specific information, communicate with all stakeholders, and view and print reports. Access is based on function, security level and administrative profile, delivering a unique, secure online experience.

InvestLink is an innovative technology-enabled platform that links the retirement planning community together to deliver smart solutions for any plan type independent of average account balance or plan size—enabling our partners and customers with strong economic value and competitive advantage through a cost-effective transparent pricing structure and fully built operational model.


System Architecture

Aspire's open-architecture platform was designed for the Internet—not adapted to it. Built using the most advanced technologies, the platform weaves the best attributes of industry technology into the fabric of its system, creating a next-generation retirement plan platform that blends reliability, simplicity, and integrity. 


Data Security

We apply the highest industry standards in protecting the confidentiality of your clients' information. For site security, the system utilizes SSL with 128-bit encryption for all data transmitted through a CISCO 515E firewall with software programs that monitor network traffic. Our servers are located within a secure, caged environment at a premier hosting facility. This facility maintains state-of-the-art 24-hour defense, power and communication systems to prevent unauthorized access (physically and electronically). All data records and files are backed up on a daily basis and archived for historic retrieval.

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