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Strategists and Investment Managers

Connecting advisors to investment managers.

InvestLink provides advisors with access to the industry's top investment managers to create mutually beneficial relationships with plan participants. By using third-party investment managers, advisors eliminate the responsibility of ongoing portfolio management, rebalancing, performance reporting, billing, and collection of management fees. These duties are performed by Aspire and the investment manager. Advisors can select the most appropriate investment manager for their clients, monitoring the performance of the investment manager and managing the relationship between their client and the investment manager.

Aspire Partnerships

Clark Capital Management Group is an independent fee-only wealth management firm offering sophisticated investment solutions and institutional-quality management to wealth advisors and their clients for over 25 years. The firm’s objective is to provide superior risk-adjusted returns through a process focused on meaningful diversification, risk management, opportunistic asset allocation and long- term investment performance. 

Clark Capital is recognized in the 401(k) community for their ability to help advisors win retirement business with solutions that aim to manage risk at both the participant and plan sponsor level. Participant risk is managed with their innovative Navigator asset allocation solutions while plan sponsor risk is mitigated with QDIA capabilities and 3(38) Co-Fiduciary services, which are offered at no additional cost when their portfolios are included in the line-up. 

The firm’s Navigator 401(k) Solutions are designed to provide plan sponsors with a range of professionally managed solutions that make it possible for plan participants to invest with confidence as they move toward their retirement goals. These innovative investment options provide meaningful diversification, incorporate multiple asset classes and best-of-breed institutional managers together with alternative and international investments optimized to meet the client’s long-term needs and goals whether markets go up or down.

Please contact Clark Capital to learn more about how they can help you differentiate yourself and grow your practice. 

For more information about Clark Capital Call 1.800.766.2264

Efficient Market Advisors, LLC is the Investment Advisor to the Efficient Market Portfolios™ account. Efficient Market Portfolios accounts provide investors with an account that seeks to maximize investment performance given the investor's time horizon and willingness to accept risk. The Efficient Market Portfolios account is offered exclusively through qualified financial advisors and Efficient Market Advisors, LLC. Founded in 2004 for the sole purpose of managing ETF-based separate accounts, EMA boasts one of the longest pure ETF track records in the investment management industry. EMA’s investment philosophy emphasizes top-down, macroeconomic research in creating an active asset allocation strategy. This strategy is implemented through 15 unique time- and risk-based portfolios.

For more information about Efficient Market Advisors
Call 1.888.327.4600

Emerald Allocation Strategies, LLC (Emerald) offers a series of diversified, multi-strategy investment solutions to wealth managers, institutions and retirement plan sponsors. Emerald believes the traditional long-only, “style-box” approach to asset allocation has its limits. They also believe that there is a “Bull” in almost every market, and their job is to find it. 

Emerald employs a flexible investment style with a strict risk discipline. They diversify across multiple asset classes, yet also hedge their portfolios as they see fit, always striving to reduce volatility, minimize losses and generate a more consistent return stream. Their objective is to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns with low to modest correlation to the equity markets. By doing so, they strive to navigate effectively through all market environments.

Emerald offers several investment models to accommodate different risk levels. While each model is distinct, they are each driven by Emerald’s #1 goal: Provide sustainable investment solutions that may serve as valuable core holdings for nearly any portfolio, large or small. 

For more information about Emerald Allocation Strategies 
Call 1.954.385.6492


Flexible Plan Investments is a leading provider of investment risk management services and investment strategies. As a founding member of the National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM), we are one of the trade association's largest and oldest active money managers. We strive to provide investors with competitive returns while working to reduce risk through the use of diversified investment products, cutting-edge technology and support services.

Today, Flexible Plan Investments employs a full staff of researchers, portfolio managers, traders and support personnel dedicated to providing tools and services to help financial advisers earn and keep their clients’ trust.

For more information about Flexible Plan Investments 
Call 1.248.642.6640

IRON Financial (IRON) is an independent asset manager serving a diverse universe of financial intermediaries and institutions. For over 16 years they have prided themselves on the integrity, independence and innovation that continue to earn them the trust and confidence of their clients. With a focus on low-cost, innovative, risk-mitigation strategies, IRON manages investment portfolios across core and alternative asset classes, and provides comprehensive solutions to the qualified retirement plan marketplace. IRON financial offers 3(38) Co-Fiduciary services to best fit both the company and the participants’ needs. With IRON, retirement plans can have a platform that meets the demands of the company and the employees.

IRON Added Value:

  • Independent investment selection, monitoring and replacement in accordance with the plan Investment Policy Statement
  • Communication with the broker of record and plan sponsor from the point of sale forward
  • Quarterly newsletter with educational materials and plan investment performance, if requested

Their professionals have decades of experience in the investment management, qualified plan and financial services industries. To ensure a superior client experience, IRON has vertically integrated a full complement of administrative and back-office shared support services, as well as functional capabilities including operations, finance, technology, legal, compliance and facilities.

For more information about IRON Financial
Call 1.866.396.4766

Lindner Capital Advisors is an innovative asset manager blending 21st-century investment alternatives into traditional Modern Portfolio Theory-based portfolios.

  • Providing asset management solutions for over 14 years
  • Assumes fiduciary responsibility for discretionary portfolios
  • Combines the best of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) and other exclusive institutional asset managers, e.g., Goldman Sachs and PIMCO
  • Monthly Market Barometer for economic insight
  • Seven Retirement Portfolios
  • Low-correlating alternatives for eligible plans

For more information about Lindner Capital Advisors
Call 1.800.229.4306

Loring Ward offers an innovative Structured Investing Turnkey Portfolio Management Program. Traditional investment management is usually focused on individual stocks and mutual funds. But Loring Ward believes investors are best served by a comprehensive, portfolio-based approach built around their Structured Investing philosophy and grounded in the advantages of the low-cost institutional funds offered through their relationship with Dimensional. Loring Ward's portfolio management capabilities incorporate a unique client profiling method with systematic mapping logic to match each client with a suitable, diversified portfolio. Portfolios are constructed layer by layer based on investor risk tolerance, preferences and other behavioral considerations. Loring Ward has worked closely with experts in behavioral finance theory in developing this process. They offer a number of tools and resources that make portfolio management quick and easy, as well as the advice and guidance of a team of experienced portfolio analysts.

For more information about Loring Ward
Call 1.800.366.7266


Navellier & Associates is a professional money management firm that has a group of strategies designed specifically for the 403(b) market. Navellier has successfully guided individual and institutional clients by applying their dynamic, disciplined and quantitative investment process that is designed to maximize returns while avoiding excessive risk. Navellier currently has over $2.3 billion in assets under management.

Navellier uses a sophisticated mathematical strategy with the objective of identifying strong profitability and growth characteristics. Navellier utilizes a dynamic system is designed to adapt to market trends, adjusting the system to find stocks with the characteristics the stock market is rewarding. While some of their competitors try to emulate indexes; Navellier focuses on outperforming them. Navellier’s portfolios have a low correlation with their benchmarks, thereby increasing diversification benefits and decreasing risk.

Navellier’s partner, Method Investment Group, provides guidance to 403(b) investors and assists them with their asset allocation amongst Navellier’s diverse group of strategies designed specifically to meet the needs of 403(b) investors.

For more information about Navellier’s strategies for 403(b)’s contact Method Investment Group at


Novem Group is an SEC-registered Investment Adviser that provides investment and financial advice to both individuals and businesses. The firm’s broad-based practice provides the flexibility and expertise needed to design comprehensive solutions for a variety of circumstances. Novem Group retains its position at the leading edge of the investment industry by making consistent investments in people, technology and processes to continue to evolve and innovate.

OBS Financial Services, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor offering portfolios constructed in accordance with Modern Portfolio Theory. By adhering to a system of investing based on the science of the capital markets and thereby eliminating the emotional pursuit of trying to beat the market, they provide cost-effective investment solutions that provide consistent, scientifically proven returns with a focus on efficiency. They offer distinct portfolios across a range of investment objectives and risk parameters. These portfolios are constructed utilizing a structured/asset class approach to investing that combines more than eight decades of market data, Nobel Prize-winning academic research and the latest discoveries in behavioral finance. 

For more information about OBS Financial Services Call 1.800.381.5065

Portfolio Strategies has been an SEC-registered investment adviser since 1982. Their approach to managing participant accounts emphasizes two themes: active management and strategy diversification. Every decision made by Portfolio Strategies is influenced by their belief in the necessity of risk management. This means, in essence, that while they seek to consistently provide the best returns possible, their primary concern is in preserving their clients’ principal. Risk management is about balancing the objectives of preservation and growth. It is a course that requires discipline and focus. Their six Guardian Portfolios reflect a strong emphasis on diversification using active management techniques. Each portfolio may consist of up to seven independent strategies. The result is diversified, actively managed portfolios that seek to eliminate emotion, reduce volatility, and add consistent performance.

For more information about Portfolio Strategies
Call 1.800.959.2001


Quartz Partners Investment Management is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser offering research-driven asset allocation investment strategies are designed to navigate all market environments. Our asset allocation investment strategies are designed to adapt to changes in the market that may affect the path to retirement, providing a one-stop solution for long-term investors. Our experienced investment team conducts daily research on the rapidly evolving global economy and financial markets. When opportunities arise, we can seamlessly adjust our investment strategies. Our investment strategies can be used as a standalone component or to compliment a robust investment line-up of mutual funds or ETF’s within a employer sponsored retirement plan.

Quartz Partners retirement plan solutions can help advisors and plan sponsors manage risk through our actively managed asset allocation investment strategies, QDIA capabilities and 3(38) Fiduciary Liability Mitigation service.

To learn more, contact Quartz Partners at 800.433.0422 option 3 or visit us at

Rehmann Retirement Builders acts as your trusted advisor on every aspect of plan design, construction, and implementation. Having the right plan design is crucial to the success of your program. Whether you are a for-profit or non-profit organization, they design all types of qualified and non-qualified plans based on your unique demographics and goals. They can assist in selecting the proper elements and combining them to create the plan that satisfies the goals of your organization.

  • Potentially reduce plan administrative costs
  • Help reduce employer fiduciary liability
  • Make participant educational and enrollment meetings more effective
  • Allow each participant to create and maintain a diversified portfolio
  • Reduce investor market timing and mistakes
  • Monitor each account for duplication of holdings
  • Monitor each account for style drift

For more information about Rehmann Retirement Builders
Call 1.866.799.9580

Savant Capital Management is a nationally recognized fee-only wealth management firm that has been helping build ideal futures for clients since 1986.  Since inception, they have been committed to one key principle: all financial advice should be offered in the best interests of the client. 

Savant’s goal is to help people live the way they want in retirement.  They provide personalized portfolio management and planning, while considering the tax implications over a lifetime.  Savant offers integrative investment management and financial planning solutions to individuals, families, foundations, trust funds, retirement plans, and nonprofit organizations. 

Over the years Savant has regularly received local and national awards and recognition.  Savant has been recognized by  Barron’s, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Worth/Robb Report, Bloomberg/Wealth Manager, Inc. magazine, Reuters, and Financial Advisor. 

Furthermore, The Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) has recognized Savant as CEFEX-certified as an Investment Steward and CEFEX-certified as an Investment Advisor. These designations are confirmation that Savant's management system has been audited by an independent global assessment and certification organization to be in compliance with global best practices.

Learn about Savant’s portfolio models by clicking here for an overview or by selecting an investment style:
Very Conservative | Conservative | Moderate | Growth | Global All-Stock | Global All-Fixed Income

For more information about Savant Capital Management
Call 1.866.489.0500

Savant Capital Management is a Registered Investment Advisor. Please see Important Disclosures at

Trademark Capital

Trademark Capital is a boutique investment management firm that provides tactical ETF portfolio solutions. For over two decades, Trademark’s principals have managed tactical portfolios aimed to maximize wealth by minimizing large losses.

We do not manage strategies to outperform an index or benchmark. We believe our  tactical risk strategies reduce the chances of making emotional investment decisions and, in return, may increase investors’ likelihood of meeting their long-term goals. 

Trademark offers tactical investment solutions via managed accounts as well as Collective Investment Funds for qualified retirement plans.

For more information about Trademark Capital Call 1.800.808.8960


Verity Asset Management employs a broad tactical asset allocation methodology to build portfolios within the context of prevailing market trends. The asset class composition of Verity's managed strategies is designed to adapt to changing conditions in an effort to seek opportunity and to manage risk. Their investment committee works to identify developing trends and asset classes that appear undervalued relative to historical norms—creating opportunities for growth. To assure effective diversification, they also consider correlation characteristics over time. Technical analysis helps guide entry and exit points for specific positions, particularly in securities where greater volatility is a consideration. Due to the potentially changing mix of asset classes used over time, their strategies are not designed to correlate to the performance of any single benchmark index. Instead, investment policy is guided by the desire to participate in market gains while concurrently limiting the risks that could prove harmful to long-term performance objectives. 

Verity Asset Management invites you to learn more about their investment strategies. Please consult their Investment Strategy Selection Guide to help you determine which strategy is most appropriate for your individual circumstance and tolerance for risk. At Verity, they strive to deliver meaningful results over time to every investor with your personal success in mind. 

For more information about Verity Asset Management
Call 1.800.247.6717


W.E. Donoghue & CO., LLC works hard to learn and understand the latest investment technology and strategies. Often this means inventing our own proprietary systems, processes and procedures. All of our advice is directed toward protecting, preserving and growing our advisors clients’ assets. We live by our motto: Achieving clients’ investment goals is our sole mission.

We've seen unprecedented growth in the financial markets and the expansion of the separately managed account and mutual fund industry has been even more dramatic. In addition to general, diversified mutual funds, advisors and their clients now have a variety of new choices from exchange-traded funds, country specific funds, industry sector funds, enhanced index funds, to bull market funds, bear market funds, and more. In addition, the separately managed account platforms have brought advances in technology to democratize institutional solutions to offer more sophisticated and often more cost effective strategies to the individual investor. There are greater opportunities than ever before. But with these increased choices and opportunities come greater complexities and potential pitfalls. At W. E. Donoghue & Co., LLC, we make sense of these exciting new instruments and solutions to harness their remarkable power for our advisors and their clients’ benefit.

For more information about W.E. Donoghue & CO., LLC
Call 1.800.642.4276

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