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Aspire creates economic value.

Smart retirement solutions are delivered through Aspire’s conflict-free open-architecture platform—offering thousands of investment options and the flexibility of supporting all plan types independent of account balance or plan size. We eliminate the responsibilities that take time away from where time should be focused: driving customer and participant outcomes. A commitment to technology and service is just one of the ways that Aspire makes it easier for our strategic partners to attract and retain clients. 

Aspire is a leading service provider of smart retirement solutions that:

  • Provides business process outsourcing (BPO) assistance with retirement management plan processing for all plan types
  • Operates on a conflict-free open-architecture platform
  • Offers plan customization and private-label branding
  • Delivers cost-effective transparent pricing
  • Links the retirement planning community
  • Scales from small to large plans and meets growing business needs
  • Enables our partners and customers with strong economic value and competitive advantage

Four Easy Ways to Work with Us

Support for all plan types makes your job easier. Providing flexibility is another advantage. Making sure you get what you want at a competitive price is key. We join forces with you to deliver exactly what you want by offering you retirement management choices that meet your needs and the needs of your clients. Select the funds to include, choose how to manage the plan solution, and decide on the look-and-feel of your market offering.

There are multiple ways clients can work with Aspire’s highly scalable, adaptable, flexible, and customizable platform:

  • Configure to Fit – configure to your business needs from full-service BPO, selected services, or technology-only service and open architecture for plan design
  • Package to Fit – packaged solutions based on your investment preferences and access to packaged solutions built with strategic partnerships
  • Brand to Fit – private-label branding maintains your brand and builds brand recognition with your clients
  • Partner to Fit – strategic relationships designed to link all aspects of the retirement planning process

We started out with a focus on retirement recordkeeping—but 12 years later we have evolved into leading the industry in offering a choice of end-to-end scalable smart retirement management solutions, including:

  • Recordkeeping plan processing for all plan types
  • Data intelligence
  • Analysis
  • Account oversight
  • Education and training
  • Investment management
  • Strategy
  • Advisory
  • Customization
  • Private-label branding

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