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Aspire’s operational model is built on best practices and continuous process improvements. The operating team has the industry knowledge and experience to manage a multi-dimensional operation that is capable of responding to changing customer and regulatory needs, as well as shifting financial trends. Aspire continues to invest across people, process and technology to sustain relevancy and readiness for the next-generation enterprise. Aspire’s proprietary conflict-free open-architecture platform enables operational changes as businesses reinvent and define new requirements in the way they go to market. Aspire offers both efficiency and growth for companies that are seeking an operating model that is not one size fits all.

Customers are provided the freedom and flexibility to make system and process changes when necessary to meet their needs. We are committed to providing technology and service that makes it easier for our strategic partners and customers to attract and retain business.

Best Practices and Governance Procedures

Aspire can deliver a trusted and reliable system and processes designed for the future. As businesses evolve, Aspire helps our customers seek, embrace and adapt to changes. It takes a well-defined system and processes and it also requires quality controls through a precise governance model. Aspire consistently receives the Center for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) Certification for Recordkeepers for adherence to industry best practices. This certification is an independent recognition for the excellent service that Aspire delivers to its customers, which is compliant with the ASPPA Standard of Practice. Additionally, Aspire is subject to an annual SSAE 16 – SOC 1 Type II audit, which we successfully pass each year. These audit requirements are standards for compliance that service providers need to follow to ensure efficient, transparent and cost-effective processes are implemented end to end. Our experts offer decades of proven experience and knowledge in retirement plan administration and management staying current with industry trends and linking with industry professionals with memberships in ASPPA, NAPA, NIPA, NTSAA, and NAGDA.

Performance Metrics and Process Improvement

Aspire recognizes that to achieve superior customer service, performance metrics are key to measure program performance as defined in our client engagements. Aspire’s Performance Scorecard (PSC) captures and evaluates key performance metrics across our client programs. In concert with the development of a PSC, Aspire evaluates our Service Level Agreements and Warranties, and makes any necessary modifications. This includes, but is not limited to, conducting regular performance surveys with our partners.

Education, Training and Communications

Our comprehensive education, training and communications program ensures that all retirement plan stakeholders have all the information needed to make an informed decision. We have instructor-led and online courses through our Education Center that provide access to printed and digital materials, including enrollment guides, personalized Rate of Return reports, multiple gap analysis statements, articles and tutorials on a variety of retirement topics, calculators, access to market research and commentary, FAQs and a glossary, benefiting both plan sponsors and participants. Participant education is segmented into three life cycles—Getting Started, Managing Retirement Investments, and Nearing Retirement. Additionally, we regularly conduct onsite visits for advisor training and hold webinars.

Training is provided at the time of implementation and when a new solution or tool is introduced. Phone support is available from trained specialists in the Call Center Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET at 866.634.5873. Our retirement management system provides communication for all stakeholders through a central hub on the technology platform with quick and easy access to information and tools through the Forms & Documents Library. For assistance with the website, administrative or investment-related questions, participants can access the online Help Desk feature.

Methodology and Approach

Aspire has developed an implementation methodology for transitioning and assimilating clients based on a best-practice framework. The methodology focuses on four primary goals designed to deliver a predictable and successful outcome that creates economic value.

Business Process Outsourcing for All Plan Types

Aspire supports all retirement plan types independent of average account balance and plan size. As a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service provider, our purpose is to assist our partners with retirement management administration through real-time, on-demand technology-enabled solutions. We eliminate the responsibilities that take time away from where time should be focused: driving revenue.

Plan Processing

Aspire’s operations include the processing of contributions, distributions, transfers, enrollments, trading, and process fulfillment. Our system allows authorized users either at the plan sponsor or TPA level to process regular and special contributions. Payroll information can be uploaded directly into the system, or users can key in data via the contribution processing grid. The system will perform automatic validation checking and report any errors or rule violations encountered in the data.

The participant user portal allows participants to request loans and distributions from their account based on allowable plan provisions. The system dynamically generates customized signature-ready PDF documents, if the plan allows, for the participant to print, sign and submit for processing. The processing panel displays a list of pending loan and distribution requests submitted by plan participants who are authorized users at either the TPA or the plan sponsor level, allowing the TPA to design the most efficient process for the TPA business model—not the recordkeeping provider.

Activities & Reports

Aspire offers comprehensive reporting available instantly in multiple formats including PDF, Excel, Text, TIFF and HTML. All formats can be printed or archived. 

Report types include:

  • Plan Statement
  • Plan Investments
  • Contribution Summary
  • Deferral Changes Report
  • Summary Participant Statements
  • Participant Balances by Source/Fund

  • Plan Census 
  • Active Loans
  • Delinquent Loans 
  • Required Minimum 
  • Distributions Fee Summary 

In addition to defined reports, the platform allows users to export data in Excel and ASCII formats for importing to other reporting engines.
Export types include:

  • Participant Census Data
  • Source Data
  • Participant Statement Extract
  • Plan Investment Balances
  • Trade & Fee History

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