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Participants / Employees

Smart Retirement Solutions for Participants / Employees

Aspire's smart retirement solutions are designed to protect participants by delivering flexibility, customization and transparency. Be confident that your retirement plan is supported by specialists with decades of experience in plan administration and management, who are focused on solutions that meet your needs. Aspire works with your employer and the plan’s advisor and service providers to ensure that you receive the very best service and support.

Through Aspire's InvestLink platform, a wide range of investment and retirement management choices are available. These options include mutual funds, exchange traded funds and other investments permitted by your plan. Participants have full access to retirement plan details, reports and fees, as well as comprehensive educational materials.

Our platform is designed to put you in control by providing the necessary tools and information to manage your retirement plan, achieve your retirement goals and ultimately retire with dignity. One of the hallmarks of Aspire’s system is the ease with which you can see your plan’s fees and full suite of reports on the plan and your account. Participants have on-demand access to their account details, balances and information on their plan investments.

Advocating for Retirement Readiness

We are committed to consistently delivering smart tools to help participants successfully prepare for retirement. You can be confident that you will receive accurate, timely and efficient information from our online resources and our experienced team fully trained to handle your needs.

  • Easy, 365-day access to your retirement plan details forms, reports and fees
  • Investor education tools, including FAQs, articles, calculators, and tutorials, to help you get started, understand investment options, and navigate the waters as you approach retirement
  • Professionally trained Call Center Specialists are available Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET