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workIRA(TM) Offers Employers a No Cost Retirement Solution for Employees

Folsom, CA April 19, 2016: Studies show that when employees are not given a way to save for their retirement on a  regular basis, they do not save for retirement. A major factor contributing to this problem is that many employees simply don’t have access to a retirement savings program at their workplace. In fact, only about 50% of private employers in America offer their employees a retirement plan.

To help solve this widespread problem where millions of workers do not have a way to save for their retirement, Prudent Investor Advisors, a leading advocate of fiduciary protection for American workers, has developed workIRA™. This is a payroll deduction IRA program that allows employers a way to offer their employees easy access to a workplace retirement savings program. For employers, workIRA™ eliminates the liability, complexity and cost they face when sponsoring a retirement plan such as a 401(k) plan.

Gary Allen, a principal at Prudent notes, “We developed workIRA™ because there is a real societal need for all workers to have a way to save for their retirement. Our partner in workIRA™, Aspire Financial Services and fund provider Dimensional Fund Advisors, were selected to help us meet this need. Aspire provides technologically innovative record- keeping services to retirement plans. Dimensional, one of the largest mutual fund providers in the country, is a leader in creating investment products based on robust academic findings like the Target Date Retirement Income Funds offered by workIRA™. These funds are designed to shepherd employees during their working career and through retirement.”

“Our target date strategies were designed to focus on the same goal investors saving for retirement have: income for consumption in retirement. The strategies consider the savings and consumption phases of the lifecycle in an integrated way,” said Dimensional Co-CEO and Co-CIO Eduardo Repetto.

“Aspire is committed to making a difference for the millions of Americans who need convenient access to a retirement savings plan. With partners like Prudent, we can truly impact the lives of hard working Americans. Our technology platform enables instant access to saving with a positive retirement plan experience.” stated Pete Kirtland, Aspire’s CEO.

Some features of the workIRA™ program include:

    • No cost to employers
    • No fiduciary risk or liability for employers
    • No governmental filing or testing requirements for employers
    • Employees contribute to their own IRA accounts automatically through payroll deduction
    • Employees are offered only low cost, and broadly and deeply diversified investment options

workIRA™ is available through associations, chambers of commerce, and payroll and benefit providers on a nationwide basis. For more information about workIRA™ or to find out about available marketing partnerships, please contact Gary Allen at Prudent Investor Advisors: or 916.436.8331.

Prudent Investor Advisors, LLC is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser offering prudent retirement investment solutions that benefit employers and their employees. Prudent’s fiduciary-based solutions are free of conflicts of interest. workIRA™ is a trademark of Prudent Investor Advisors, LLC.

Aspire Financial Services LLC is a leading service provider of smart retirement solutions. Serving the industry for over 13 years with a conflict-free, open-investment retirement planning management system. Aspire provides a best-in-class  technology-enabled  portfolio of pre-defined or highly customizable smart retirement solutions with private-label branding options through its proprietary technology platform and strategic partnerships.

Dimensional Fund Advisors is a leading global investment firm that has been translating academic research into practical investment solutions since 1981. Guided by a strong belief in markets, we help investors pursue higher expected returns through advanced portfolio design and careful implementation. An enduring philosophy, strong client commitment, and deep connections with the academic community underpin our approach. With clients around the world, Dimensional has 12 offices in eight countries and global assets under management of $409 billion as of March 31, 2016.

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