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Redhawk Wealth Advisors Launches 403(b)(7) Managed Account Solution for Financial Advisors

Minneapolis, MN (02.11.2015) – Redhawk Wealth Advisors, Inc., a leading full-service registered investment advisor, has recently launched a 403(b)(7) managed account solution for financial advisors to prospect and service K-12 and higher education teacher retirement accounts. This solution brings professional portfolio managers that typically work with high-net-worth individuals to the masses. Now a teacher can invest their 403(b)(7) retirement account with a top professional money manager. Any fee-based financial advisor can utilize the platform.

Redhawk partnered with Aspire Financial Services for its open investment recordkeeping platform, flexible custodial services and the professional money managers available on the platform including:

▪ 3D Asset Management
▪ F-Squared Investments
▪ Sage Advisory Services
▪ Victoria Capital Management

The platform is already approved at over 4,200 school districts throughout the U.S. and linked to over 30 common remitters. By using the tools and resources available at the site, financial advisors can search to see if a school district is already an Aspire eligible customer. Additionally, it's a simple and easy process to setup the retirement account and the assets electronically move from the current provider to Aspire's platform (similar to an ACAT transaction for a brokerage account). Now advisors can grow their practice and finally compete against the annuity providers for these types of retirement accounts

"The site can be used by any fee-based advisor and it's the only managed account solution for K-12 and higher education teacher retirement accounts with top-notch professional money managers. For the most part, these retirement accounts have traditionally been dominated by the insurance annuity providers and our platform is a great way for fee based advisors to win more business and help their clients. It's very easy for any advisor to gain access by registering at the site," said Dan Hunt, CEO, Redhawk Wealth Advisors.

"This platform helps advisors capitalize on 403(b)(7) retirement accounts that they have normally avoided. Now they can utilize the same portfolio managers that are used for their best wealth management clients. If the school district is already approved, the advisor can start contacting teachers right away. We'll even show the advisor how to gain access to the superintendent of the school district and all of the teachers," said Rick Keast, Senior Vice President, Redhawk Wealth Advisors.

To access all of the tools and resources available, advisors can register on the site at

About Redhawk Wealth Advisors

Redhawk Wealth Advisors, Inc. is an SEC Registered Investment Advisory ("RIA") firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The firm provides wealth management, retirement plan, and practice management services to independent advisor representatives and their clients. To learn more, visit

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