403(b) Solutions for K-12

Aspire is an approved 403(b) vendor in more than 3,500 school districts throughout the United States, making us one of the largest providers of retirement plan management solutions with extensive experience working with educators and school employees.

Tools for Participants/Employees

Secure retirement is a universal goal. Saving now is critical to accomplishing your objectives. Investing in a 403(b) plan can help you reach your dreams. Aspire provides access to plan information, investment choices and a wealth of information on financial planning. Quarterly account statements allow you to monitor your plan performance.

To get started and enroll, use Plan Search to locate your employer's plan and access plan materials. Each school district plan serviced by Aspire has a dedicated portal in Plan Search containing plan-specific information and materials such as application forms, loan and distribution forms.

Plan participants have the choice to work with an advisor or direct their investment themselves. Through our 403(b) Advisor Network, participants can locate an advisor who is focused on serving the special needs of 403(b) plans and has experience in working with Aspire ensuring that participants’ needs can be promptly serviced. To locate an advisor, use Plan Search to lookup your district and then select Find an Advisor.

Fund Search provides information about funds available through InvestLink. Some funds may be restricted by plan sponsor and/or financial professional. Before selecting a mutual fund investment, check with your plan administrator or broker dealer to make sure if there are any restrictions.

Aspire has other investment options that can be offered in the same account as the mutual fund option, so there is no need for a separate account. Exchange traded funds (ETFs) and Guaranteed Interest Accounts are available to participants who are working with a financial professional.

Education information and tools including FAQs and articles about retirement planning are available through the online
Resource Center. For additional questions, contact Aspire's Client Services.

Tools for Plan Sponsors/Employers

Aspire's online plan sponsor/employer portal provides the effectiveness, flexibility and streamlined administrative processes that reduce paperwork and the manual processing associated with running a 403(b) plan, including:

  • Review of plan provisions
  • Maintenance of employee data and eligibility
  • Contribution processing
  • Plan activity viewing
  • Access to forms and reports

Click here to access the Contribution Entry and Import Guide for Non-ERISA Plans.

Access forms, educational information and tools including FAQs through the online Resource Center.

For additional questions, contact Aspire's Client Services.

Tools for Advisors

The Aspire 403(b) Advisor Network is the industry's only peer network designed exclusively for 403(b) advisors that delivers joint marketing and a community forum for advisors focused on servicing 403(b) K-12 plans. The network provides a listing in up to five school districts, preferred collateral printing, branded giveaways and quarterly webinars to share ideas with peers who share an affinity for open-architecture solutions. Register on the InvestDesign Center to learn more about joining the Aspire 403(b) Advisor Network.

Access to Top Investment Managers

Investlink provides access to the industry's top investment managers. Using an investment manager can help you create a mutually beneficial relationship with participants/employees. Ongoing portfolio management, rebalancing, performance reporting or billing and collection of management fees are all performed by Aspire and the investment manager. The participant and advisor are responsible for selecting the most appropriate investment manager for participant accounts, monitoring the performance of the investment manager and managing the relationship with the investment manager.

Aspire's Investment Firm Search provides easy access to investment firms that are approved by Aspire and have executed selling agreements for commission processing. If you are a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and your firm accepts RIA payments from Aspire, your firm may not be listed; however, you are still able to work with Aspire.

Educational information and tools for FAQs and articles about retirement planning are available through the online Resource Center for participants and employers. The forms for each plan are in the dedicated plan portal through Plan Search. Additional forms required by advisors are available in the Resource Center Forms & Documents Library – 403(b) category. For additional questions, contact Aspire's Client Services.

Tools for TPAs

A commitment to technology and service is just one of the ways that Aspire is making it easy for plan providers to attract and retain clients. TPAs have complete online access to plan management functions that streamline operations and administrative tasks.

For additional questions, contact Aspire's Client Services.

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